Ben Markwell, Assistant Principal


Ben Markwell began playing the violin at the age of 10 in the public school system of Versailles, Kentucky. His early music education included a string of music teachers including the local band director who played trombone, a flute player, and a bass player. For six years he played with the University of Kentucky Youth Orchestra, which he credits for keeping his interest in music alive. It was not until Markwell attended college at the University of Alabama that he had his first teacher who actually played the violin. During his time in Tuscaloosa, Markwell began playing the viola. As violists were scarce, he was often asked to play the viola in chamber groups. After finishing his degree at the University of Alabama, Markwell continued with his graduate work at Northern Illinois University, where, after a year of studying the violin, Markwell decided to permanently switch to the viola.

Following his time in Illinois, Markwell played with the newly formed Graduate String Quartet at the University of Kentucky. In 1984, Markwell auditioned and won the position of principal violist with The Florida Orchestra.

Markwell has attended multiple summer camps including Meadowmount, Tanglewood, Bowdoin College, Blue Hill and Kinhaven.