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Keep the music going by donating your tickets

To our community,

We are so grateful to everyone who has continued to support The Florida Orchestra during this challenging time for our world. We have been truly moved by so many messages of encouragement, especially in praise of TFO’s Board of Directors for making the commitment to pay musicians and staff, even though we have canceled concerts through the rest of the season in May. Clearly, the integrity of this orchestra is important to our community, and we all recognize the power of live music to bring us together in times of joy and sorrow.

Many people have asked what they can do to help. The easiest, most immediate way to support The Florida Orchestra is to donate your unused tickets back to us. Ticket revenue represents about 40 percent of our annual operating income, and we’re feeling this loss right now as we work to keep the music and our mission going.

Why should you donate your tickets back to TFO?

Donating Tickets is Easy

All you have to do is let our Ticket Center know your wishes. In one click, you can donate back the tickets you already purchased to help our musicians continue all the great online content on TFO at Home. It will also help position us to return to the concert hall once this global pandemic ends.

Donating back your unused tickets is a charitable contribution to TFO, which also has benefits for you. The recently approved Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act allows for special deductions for contributions to non-profit organizations.

Because Regular Contributions are Not Enough

Every year our community makes incredibly generous contributions to support TFO’s mission and programming, but the COVID-19 crisis has drastically changed our needs for 2020. While we continue our regular fundraising efforts, we are simultaneously raising funds to offset the lost ticket revenue from canceled concerts. Donating any amount, including the value of your unused tickets, helps.

Because Music is Still Bringing Us Together 

Even when the world stops, TFO musicians are unstoppable. Through weekly radio broadcasts and personal performance videos online, TFO is keeping the music going when you need it most with our TFO at Home web page. Can you imagine going through these difficult times without music?

There’s a reason many of you purchased orchestra tickets in the first place: the thrill of live music. Just as this virus has forced us apart, live music will bring us together again. When we emerge from this crisis, nothing will have more power and inspiration than The Florida Orchestra to unite us in the concert hall and the community, a core part of TFO’s mission for more than 52 years.

To do that, we need you. We are living in extraordinary times, and we believe in this extraordinary community to keep TFO strong.

Thank you, Tampa Bay

The Florida Orchestra is made up of musicians and staff who are part of the Tampa Bay community. They are members of your homeowners association, serve on Parent Teacher Associations, and volunteer with causes close to their heart. You see them at the grocery store, picking up coffee to go and walking their dogs in our waterfront parks. They are part of the fabric of this community, and TFO is committed to ensuring their livelihood withstands this current global crisis.

Donating back your unused tickets to TFO is an excellent way to support our musicians and staff during this challenging time. We realize this option may not be right for everyone, but we appreciate your consideration and whatever you can do to help.

Mark Cantrell
President & CEO
The Florida Orchestra

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