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Mendelssohn’s Elijah

Famed baritone Donnie Ray Albert is the voice of Elijah in Mendelssohn’s dramatic oratorio telling the story of the prophet – from a stirring overture to the famous chorus “He Watching over Israel” to Elijah ascending into heaven on a chariot of fire. Maestro Francis conducts, featuring The Master Chorale of Tampa Bay and soloists.

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El afamado baritone Donnie Ray Albert es la voz de Elijah en el dramatico oratorio de Mendelssohn que cuenta la historis del profeta, desde una conmovedora obertura hasta el Famoso coro “He Watching Over Israel” y Elias ascendiendo al Cielo en un carro de fuego. El Maestro Francis dirige, con The Master Chorale of Tampa Bay y soloistas.

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Felix Mendelssohn
Elijah, Op. 70


[Prologue] (Elijah): As God the Lord of Israel liveth
1. Chorus: Help Lord! Wilt thou quite destroy us?; The deeps afford no water
2. Duet with Chorus: Lord, Bow Thine ear
3. [Recitative] (Obidiah): Ye people, rend your hearts
4. [Aria] (Obidiah): If with all your hearts ye truly seek me
5. Chorus (The People): Yet doth the Lord see it not
9. Chorus (The People): Blessed are the men who fear Him
10. Recitative with Chorus; Bass & Tenor Solo: As God the Lord of Sabaoth liveth
11. Chorus: Baal, we cry to thee
12. Recitative with Chorus; (Elijah): Call him louder! For he is a god
13. Recitative with Chorus: Call him louder! He heareth not
14. [Aria] (Elijah): Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel
16. [Recitative] (Elijah) with Chorus: O Thou, who makest thine Angels
17. [Air] (Elijah): Is not His word like a fire
18. [Arioso] Alto Solo: Woe, woe unto them who forsake Him!
19. [Recitative with Chorus] [treble voice] (Elijah and Obadiah): O man of God, help they people
20. Chorus: Thanks be to God

– Intermission –


21. [Aria] Soprano Solo: Hear ye, Israel! Hear what the Lord speaketh
22. Chorus: Be not afraid, saith God the Lord
23. [Recitative with Chorus] (Elijah and Obadiah): The Lord hath exalted thee
24. Chorus: Woe to him! He shall perish
25. [Recitative] (Elijah & Obidiah): Man of God, now let my words
26. [Aria] (Elijah): It is enough, O Lord
27. [Recitative] Tenor Solo: See, now he sleepeth beneath a juniper tree
29. Chorus: He, watching over Israel, slumber not
30. [Recitative] (The Angel & Elijah): Arise, Elijah
31. [Aria] (The Angel): O rest in the Lord, wait patiently for Him
33. [Recitative] Soprano & (Elijah): Night falleth round me, O Lord!
34. Chorus: Behold, God the Lord passed by
36. Chorus & [Recitative] (Elijah): Go, return upon thy way!
37. Arioso (Elijah): For the mountains shall depart
38. Chorus: Then did Elijah the prophet break forth
39. [Aria] Tenor Solo: Then, then shall the righteous shine forth
40. Recitative (Soprano): Behold, God hath sent Elijah the prophet
42. Chorus: And then, then shall your light break

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