How has ‘Messiah’ stayed popular for nearly 300 years?

When Michael Francis, The Florida Orchestra and The Master Chorale of Tampa Bay team up for their production of Handel’s […]

On a house not so far, far away, a Star Wars ‘orchestra of lights’

A Tampa Bay couple combines their passion for music and technology into one stellar “orchestra of lights” on their home. Even the maestro dropped by for the Star Wars vs. Star Trek display. You can still see it through Jan. 5!

Michael Francis adds conducting role in Germany. How does that work?

Music Director Michael Francis is adding another conducting position, this one with a long commute: Germany.

7 concerts in 7 venues in 7 days — well, almost

In just one week, The Florida Orchestra performed for nearly 30,000 people — almost all for free. It was an exhilarating, exhausting run as musicians and staff, led by Music Director Michael Francis, traveled to Pasco County, Tampa and St. Petersburg for hospital, youth, side-by-side and park concerts.

Michael Francis in Action: From Windsor Castle to Zombies

Being a music director is a lot more than leading an orchestra on stage. Nobody knows that better than Michael Francis. Just look at where he’s popped up within the last two weeks as we get ready to launch our 50th anniversary season.