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TFO goes virtual for free Prodigy violin lessons

TFO has not let the pandemic stop our free violin lessons for kids through the Prodigy Cultural Arts Program. We’ve gone virtual: “It’s a tough time right now, and any pocket of community or sense of belonging is so meaningful.”


TFO posts 100 free videos in TFO at Home series

We’ve hit 100 videos! That’s how many performance and education videos we’ve posted in our TFO at Home series since mid-March, when we vowed to keep the music going. All free.


How the arts became essential in a pandemic world

Has the pandemic doomed orchestras and the arts, especially in the schools? No way. Not if we’re creative. A unique view from a TFO Teaching Artist during Teacher Appreciation Week.


Suffrage song gets new life through technology

Conductor and composer Daniel Black found inspiration in his great-grandmother, a prominent suffragette in Wisconsin in the early 20th century, for his arrangement of Daughters of Freedom. Learn more about how the video was created, today on the blog.


Keep the music going by donating your tickets

Donating back your unused tickets to TFO is an excellent way to support our musicians and staff during this challenging time. We realize this option may not be right for everyone, but we appreciate your consideration and whatever you can do to help.


In isolation, listening to Beethoven with fresh ears

Some tips to listening to Beethoven’s Fifth in a new way, since we can’t listen to it live with TFO. Kurt Loft writes today on the TFO Blog.


We will keep bringing you music

A message from the maestro: We will keep bringing you music! Read Michael Francis’ letter to our community.


We need a hero: TFO to air Beethoven’s Eroica on WSMR

TFO’s free live recording on WSMR radio is a truly heroic program: Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony and Strauss’ Don Quixote. Just what we need right now. Today on the TFO Blog.


Remembering famed composer Penderecki, TFO’s first-ever guest conductor

Kurt Loft remembers famed composer Krzysztof Penderecki. Not for his movie music, but as TFO’s first-ever guest conductor. Kurt takes us back to 1985.