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At home, silence is golden for violinist – and her cat

This TFO violinist’s house is filled with more cats than music. Find out why today on the TFO blog.


More cowbell! Bates Cello Concerto delivers that and more

It’s easy to be entranced by soloist Joshua Roman in the Bates Cello Concerto. But if you hang out in the percussion section, it’s all about the cowbells and thumb pianos. Tuned, of course. See and hear what we found, today on the blog, with video clips.


For cellist Joshua Roman, composer is just a text away

“Classical rock star” Joshua Roman performs the Bates Cello Concerto, written just for him. What’s it like to work with a composer who’s alive? Today on the blog.


Like an old friend, conductor Thomas Wilkins returns home to TFO

When beloved maestro Thomas Wilkins returned to conduct Gershwin this week, it was like coming home – and not just because he still lives in Tampa Bay. Read about the former TFO conductor and this weekend’s concerts on the blog.


On a house not so far, far away, a Star Wars ‘orchestra of lights’

A Tampa Bay couple combines their passion for music and technology into one stellar “orchestra of lights” on their home. Even the maestro dropped by for the Star Wars vs. Star Trek display. You can still see it through Jan. 5!


Michael Francis adds conducting role in Germany. How does that work?

Music Director Michael Francis is adding another conducting position, this one with a long commute: Germany.


To support school orchestras, TFO teaches the teachers

When Meghan Lance took over as the orchestra director at Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School, she had her work cut out for her. “I remember my first year thinking that the orchestra sounded like The Sister Act choir of orchestras. They were all playing at different times, horribly out of tune, I was like, ‘What is happening?!’“ Mrs. Lance said.


Remembering the Night of Broken Glass through music

On Nov. 9, 1938, the Nazis unleashed a wave of pogroms, state-sponsored terrorism, against the Jews in Germany and Austria. Within a few short hours, thousands of synagogues, Jewish businesses and homes were damaged or destroyed.


TFO’s Quilting Violinist, Linda Simon Hall

This weekend The Florida Orchestra’s “Quilting Violinist,” Linda Simon Hall, will be a celebrity judge at a quilt show put on by the Peacemakers Quilt Guild of Brandon. It’s aptly themed “A Symphony of Colors.”

In his wildest dreams, FAU student composes a winner

For David Browne, winning The Florida Orchestra’s Student Composition Contest was a dream come true. “Shattered Clock Fanfare is a musical depiction of a recurring dream I had as a child wherein I was forever lost in a universe where time never existed,” said Browne, 22, in his artist statement on the short work, which premieres on the Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony concert May 18-20.