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[Permanent Tenure Track Position]

Audition Dates: February 13-14, 2023 - Please note, date change!
Resume Deadline: February 6, 2023

TFO 2022-23 season is 32 playing weeks and 2 paid vacation
Base salary of $47,521.70.

Benefits: Medical and Instrument insurance; 7.194% contribution to AFM/Employer Pension Fund
Employment to begin at earliest availability.
All audition candidates must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19

Please click here to view the audition repertoire list.

Please click here for the audition excerpts.

Highly qualified candidates should send a one-page resume to:

Substitute Audition

The Florida Orchestra invites all qualified musicians to submit an electronic substitute audition. Interested candidates should submit a video recording containing:

  • One (1) movement of a concerto or solo work
  • Three to four (3-4) standard orchestral excerpts
  • (Optional) one (1) excerpt on an auxiliary instrument, if desired

Percussion candidates should submit:

  • One (1) short mallet solo work
  • One (1) excerpt each on xylophone, glockenspiel, snare drum, tambourine, triangle, bass drum, and cymbals

Keyboard candidates who also wish to be considered for the celeste or harpsichord substitute lists should submit one (1) excerpt on each instrument for which they wish to be considered, or inquire with the Personnel Manager about a live audition if they wish to use TFO-provided instruments.

The candidate should remain clearly in the video frame at all times and should not edit their recording in any fashion. Separate takes for each new piece of music are permissible, but there should be no video cuts or edits within a single work.

The submission should be uploaded to a cloud storage service of the candidate’s choice (eg, Dropbox, Google Drive), and a link to download the recording sent to with the subject line “Substitute Audition.” The Personnel Manager will review the video submission to ensure honesty; then to preserve anonymity, the audio only will be sent to the principal of the section to determine placement on the substitute list.



The Controller is responsible for the day-to-day activities of coordinating all accounting operational functions to ensure timely and accurate recording and reporting of monthly financial information. This position works closely with the accounting staff and Chief Financial Officer to meet monthly reporting deadlines for internal and external reporting requirements. The Controller is an integral part of the Finance Team and works with the Chief Financial Officer to map strategies to meet financial reporting priorities and maintain internal controls for the Orchestra. For a complete job description and how to apply, click here.

Stage and Technical Manager

The Stage and Technical Manager is the primary point of contact at rehearsals and performances for all stage needs, responsible for executing and overseeing all details related to stage operations for on and off-contract rehearsals and services. Working closely in conjunction with artistic leaders, the Operations Manager and all Artistic Operations staff, the Stage and Technical Manager oversees the Assistant Stage Manager and union crews across all venues. For a complete job description and how to apply, click here.

The Florida Orchestra is an equal opportunity employer, and is proud to be a partner orchestra of the National Alliance for Audition Support (NAAS).

NAAS offers grants to help offset audition-related travel expenses. For more information, visit NAAS website at